Loyal to Love by Tori D novel book
"Loyal to Love" by Tori D.
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"Loyal to Love" by Tori D.

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Oblivious to knowing what life is like transitioning from the suburbs to the ghetto, the ambitious, beautiful, young Desiree longs for the life and love she once knew. She becomes intrigued with the fast life and elegant lifestyle that hustler’s girlfriends and wives flaunted. She fails to realize the streets came with an entirely different meaning of stability. She captures the attention of Cee, a handsome, chocolate, hustler, and begins to live out her dreams.
The two form an inseparable bond until Desiree is blind-sided by all the unimaginable obstacles that are involved with being a "down chick." After their fairy tale relationship is compromised, Desiree is left to create a life on her own and ultimately causes bigger problems for herself. Determined to fix her broken home, she sets out to make things right with Cee at all cost. When the combination of love, money, and loyalty are all conflicted, Desiree is left to decide if remaining loyal to her man is worth losing the life that she has always dreamed of.

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